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Runners Up

Men’s Singles

Alan Sier.

Basil Grimwade.

Ladies Singles

Pat King.

Jean Kemish.

Men’s Drawn Pairs

Daniel Newton & Dennis Ray.

Dave March & John Constable.

Ladies Drawn Pairs

Jean Kemish & Pat King.

Eunice Coote & Iris Goodbarne.

Men’s Singles Handicap

Carl Stott

John Constable.

Ladies Singles Handicap

Pat King

Eunice Coote.

Leyland Cup 101

Alan Sier.

Iris Goodbarne.

Fixed Jack

Carl Stott.

Mark Wellman.

Mixed Triples

Jill Smith, Alan Sier & Alan Turnbull.

June Owen, Eunice Coote & Mike Murphy.

Denis Wilson Memorial Trophy

Sadly cancelled due to bad weather..

President’s Shield

Brian Moreton, Carl Stott, Denise Swanton & Dennis Ray.

June Owen, Alan Turnbull, Alex Maitland & John Coote.

Novices Trophy

David Evans & Andrew Sedgwick

Fun Day

Iris Goodbarne & Alan Rayner

Most Improved Player.

Steve Hicks.

Club Members Honours 2015 Season