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 Wednesday Evening Club Night League 2017                   League Table / Results

Could players please arrive 15 mins before the start of the game.  All games will start at 5.30 pm  from Aug and last 2 hours or 14 ends which ever comes first.

The cost of the game is 50p which also pays for tea and biscuits at the end of the game.  Setting up the rinks (mats,jacks etc) and the clearing of the green is the responsibility of all players.  

On the night that your team is on tea duty could non playing team members make themselves available to make tea  prior to the end of the session.


If you cannot play on your roistered evening it is your responsibility to find a replacement, firstly from your own team and the from other teams via the other team leaders.  

Away teams must attach spots to their woods to identify them from the home team woods.

This may only be a internal club completion but please observe bowls etiquette as if were a league match