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Guidance for new bowlers  

This  booklet  aims  to  point  out  what  is expected of you as a member of your County Organisation and your club, your general attitude to your  fellow bowlers and, of course, guidance on playing the game.

Cost £1.00 plus postage

Laws of the sport of bowls

This is the latest (November 2014) and most comprehensive guide to the laws concerning Flat  Green Outdoor  Bowling, ranging  from the green itself to playing the game.

Cost £2.00 plus postage


If a player delivers the jack improperly, what do the rules state should happen?

You possibly know the answer, but do you know what should be done if, in the same end, the opposing player or lead in a team also delivers the jack improperly?

Are you content to rely on others to suggest what might prove to be an incorrect procedure or would you prefer to learn the laws of the game yourself?  


These books are obtainable from www.bowlsengland.com (click on shop > books)