Reading a Head of Bowls
Reading a head of bowls and choosing the best shot option for you or your playing partners to play can be a difficult exercise and expertise in this aspect of the game will only come with experience.

When assessing the correct shot to play there are a number of factors to take into account and questions to ask yourself :-

1.  What is the state of the game? Are you leading or trailing in the scores?  Is it imperative that you score on this end or do you try to reduce the number of shots held by your opponent?

2.  What do you stand to gain?

3.  What do you stand to lose?

4.  What advantages and what dangers are on each hand?

5.  Will the position of woods on the rink allow the shot to be played successfully?

6.  Will the way the green is playing allow the shot to be played successfully?  

7.  Do you (or does the player you are advising) have the ability to play the shot?

8.  Should you opt for an attacking shot or a defensive shot?

9.  What subsequent type of shot is your opponent likely to play?

10.  How many bowls have still to be played and who has the last wood? 

Very often the answer is obvious but this is not always the case.  Sometimes, several factors will have to be considered and, if the outcome of your decision is successful, the feeling of satisfaction is immense.

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