I’m a new bowler.  How can I improve my game?
If you have weaknesses in your bowling technique, now is the time to correct them before bad habits become ingrained so make your practice positive and  purposeful.

At a basic level there are two elements of bowling - LINE and LENGTH.

Since these are greatly influenced by the delivery of the bowl, this may be the part of your game on which you need to focus your attention.

Every bowler has his own unique delivery action and, as you have already seen, some are more effective than others.  If you believe your delivery technique is a weakness then………  

(a) ask your coach for help

(b) read the coaching guide, ‘Delivery Action - Some Points To Ask Yourself’ .  If you can master these important aspects  of the delivery your accuracy and consistency will improve and  this will also greatly help your confidence. 

Finding the correct line early in a game and then bowling consistently on the same line is important when you are trying to draw to the jack.  If you can do this with some accuracy, you and your team can build a head which puts your opponents under pressure and gives you the best opportunity of winning the end and, ultimately, the match.

(a) note the green that other bowlers take and where their woods finish in relation to the imaginary centre line of the rink ( be aware that other bowls may have a different bias and will turn more or less than yours)

(b) pick a point at which to aim - a fixed object such as a post, bench leg or plant

(c) carefully adjust the angle of your body to face the line of delivery you have chosen

(d) stay on the mat to see where your wood comes to rest

(e) make any necessary small adjustments with your next delivery

Bowling consistently with the correct weight of delivery comes largely with experience and is a difficult aspect of bowling to coach particularly as the speed of greens vary.

The weight of the delivery is determined by the speed of the arm on its forward motion.  Try to feel the change of momentum in your bowling arm as you increase or decrease the pace of the delivery.

Whatever weight you wish to bowl be sure to maintain the same smooth delivery.

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