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1.On weekdays the Green keeper will normally lay out the rink markers in the appropriate direction and colour.

2.On other weekday occasions, if the green is not already laid out, prior to matches it is the responsibility of the Match Steward to lay out the green in the appropriate way.

Alternatively a member wishing to play a roll up should lay out the green in the appropriate way. (Note: In the case of roll-ups all the rinks need not be marked.)

Similarly at weekends when the Green keeper is not on duty the rinks should be laid out by the Match Steward or the club member.
At weekends no rink monitor is on duty so all rinks should be cleared away after use.
Positioning of Rink Layout
The system for the positioning of rinks, which was first introduced in 1999 following discussions with Brentwood Council,
To remind all members, there are five colours used for rink marking. These are marked on the inside wall of the ditch on each side of the green. They are shown in the following order from LEFT to RIGHT as seen from the WEST side of the green:

YELLOW      BLUE         WHITE         RED         GREEN

And in the following order from LEFT to RIGHT as seen from the SOUTH side of the green:

GREEN         RED         WHITE         BLUE         YELLOW

Shown in the rink colour chart are the details of the colour and the direction to be used on each day of the season.
S/N = South to North, W/E = West to East. The Pavilion is on the West side of the green.

Play normally starts from West to East or from South to North.

Rink Monitoring
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