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Data Protection Privacy Policy of Hutton Poplars Bowling Club of
The Lodge, Poplar Drive, Rayleigh Road, Hutton, CM13 1YU.

This Privacy Policy has been produced for members and former members of Hutton Poplars Bowling Club to meet the
requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

For the purposes of undertaking the activities of Hutton Poplars Bowling Club we obtain personal information about our
This is limited to a member’s:
residential address;
home and/or mobile telephone numbers; and
email address, if provided;
identifiable image, if included in any photograph or video of the Club’s activities which appear on the Club website.

The personal information listed above, together with any identifiable image, held by the Club, is referred to in this Policy as
Personal Data.

This Data Protection Privacy Policy sets out the principles governing our processing policy and use of that data.

By signing the Application Form for Club membership in which you provide to Hutton Poplars Bowling Club your name,
address, telephone numbers and e-mail address, you agree to our processing, storing and using that data in accordance with
the principles set out in this Policy.

We limit the collection and use of your data. We only collect such data as is required to provide to you the club services
specified in the Club Constitution that being “to foster and promote the sport of lawn green bowls at all levels, providing
opportunities for recreation and competition”.

We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the security and confidentiality of any data you provide to us as set out in our
Data Protection Procedures.

We cannot however guarantee the security of any data you disclose. You
accept the inherent security implications of providing data and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security or
disclosure of such data unless we have been proved to be negligent.

We will not share or reveal any of your personal data to any external organisation nor to any other persons, other than
Relevant Third Parties detailed below, unless we have previously informed you that this will happen and we have your
authority to do so. We will only disclose your personal data to other authorised third parties if we are required to do so by

If you have provided your email address, we may periodically send you information relating to Hutton Poplars Bowling Club.
If at any point you want to amend and update your personal details you should contact the Club Secretary or via our web
contact page

With the exception of the names and, where relevant, contact details of any of the Club’s Committee members, no personal
details of any member of the Club will appear on the Club’s website. Any proposal to include your identifiable image on the
website will require your specific consent in advance.

We will hold your personal data on paper records and in electronic format with appropriate password protection. You accept
that your name, address and telephone number(s) will also be printed in a Fixtures and Directory booklet which is
distributed to current members of the Club and, to the extent necessary, other relevant Bowls Clubs and that the Club has
no control over the safeguarding of the personal data contained in such booklets once distributed.

Your personal data may be used for the purposes disclosed in this Policy and may also be passed to other Relevant Third
Parties to:

Enable the provision of services you have requested, e.g. club and interclub competitions;
Improve current services and offer new services relevant to the Club’s Constitution.

Relevant Third Parties are
Other members of the Club who receive a Fixtures and Directory booklet:
To the extent necessary, other Bowls Clubs that are engaged in organising bowls matches played against Hutton
Poplars Bowling Club; and
The firm engaged to print the Club’s Fixtures Booklet.

You have a right of access under the Data Protection Act to information we hold about you on our records.

Upon ceasing to be a member of Hutton Poplars Bowling Club your personal data may be retained for up to 12 months after
which it will be deleted unless you have consented to the retention of such personal data for the purpose of maintaining
contact with the Club and its members. During this period your personal data will not be passed to any Relevant Third
Parties or to any other third party unless we are required to do so by law, or we have your consent to do so. If upon ceasing
to be a member of the Club you request that your personal data be deleted from the Club’s records, such data will be
deleted within two weeks of receiving such request in writing.
Hutton Poplars Bowling Club Data Protection Privacy Policy
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