Club Competition Rules
Notwithstanding the rules set out below, players are reminded that Club Competitions are as much friendly as competitive activities. It is expected therefore, that in the absence of an expressed rule to cover a situation they will use common sense and endeavour to play a match within the prescribed time, rather than have the tie settled by default.

1. All club competitions will be run in accordance with the laws and regulations of the EBA.

      (a)  The finals will be held annually over a week-end in early September, with the Sunday being the principal finals day. The day, Saturday or Sunday, on which a particular Final is to be played will depend on the make-up of the finalists, but will be arranged to minimise the number of finals a particular finalist will play each day.

(b)  Any member who knows he/she will not be available for both days should not enter the competitions or must withdraw from the competitions as soon as this situation is known.

(C)  In the event of the green being unplayable, for whatever reason, on any of the prescribed days, the matches will be played on a date or dates to be decided by the Competition Secretary, in consultation with the players and others involved.

2. No substitutes will be permitted in Singles competitions. Substitutes may be permitted in the Pairs and Triples competitions in the preliminary rounds but not in the semi-final or final. Any substitutions must be approved by the Competition Secretary. If a player in a Singles competition cannot meet a match commitment, for whatever reason, he/she must concede the match. Failure of any member in a Pairs or Triples Competition to meet a match commitment will necessitate the pair or triple conceding the match.

(a) The first named in each tie will be deemed to be the challenger/s. The challenger/s should contact the opponent/s and arrange a mutually agreeable date for the match before the play date. Once the date and time is agreed the challenger/s should reserve a rink.

(b) The dates by which the challenge for matches in each round should be made are shown in Red on the Competition Draw Sheets.

3. An extension to matches beyond the dates shown on the draw sheets will only be allowed by the Competition Secretary     and then only in special circumstances.N.B. Individual commitments in other matches (with the exception of County or Association competitions that have to be played on a fixed date) do not take precedence over internal club competitions. Being too busy due to league commitments is not an overriding reason for refusing dates offered. Failure to find a mutually acceptable date or to complete within the prescribe time will lead to disqualification of the player or players at fault.

4. In the case of a singles match it is the responsibility of the Challenger to arrange a marker. Although a marker independent of each player is preferred, if the opponent has no objection, then a partner can be used as a marker. However, independent markers must be used for the semi-final stages.

5. It is the duty of the marker to keep the record of the score in the singles matches. Each side in the pairs or triples competition should keep a record of the match score. The scorecards should be signed at the end of the match by both parties against the opponents score to confirm the result of the match. In the case of a singles match the marker should also sign.

6. The winner/winners must immediately enter the result on the appropriate competition sheet.

7. It is expected the winner/s of a round will contact the next prospective player, irrespective of whether he/she is the challenger or the opponent, so that any delay in arranging matches can be minimised.

8. Players Handicaps when needed are to be decided each pre-season by a sub-committee approved by the Club Committee.

9. In the case of a dispute the decision of the Competition Secretary shall be final.

10. Spectators are reminded that they must abide by EBA rule 63(i), namely Persons not engaged in the  game shall be situated clear of, and beyond the limits of the rink of play, and clear of the verges. They shall not by word or act, disturb or advise the players.

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